5 way to style skirts

Hello everyone,

Welcome to hack my fashion…. Today I am going to show you some tricky way to style skirts. As heat is getting outside skirts are best outfits for summer.

I love skirts but some time I felt bored to wear. I was not sure how to style skirts felt limited to either with simple top or shoes But it always in my mind “Am I doing right”? But after thinking to much here I am sharing you some tips that you can easily try.

(1)Tank Top – Whenever I’m looking for skirt tank top is my 1st choice that I want. When we talk about skirts- mini skirt & Pencil skirt is perfect combination for tank top. Which really gives you Wohhhh look.

While I am going to show you a mini skirt & tank top

Size – Small or Medium Colour ( top) – printed black Colour ( skirt)- black

(2) Blouse top – This one is my 2nd choice which I love. It is best option as temperature get high we all want chill and cool look. If you can’t decide stick white blouse with black skirt, combine some accessories with light colours Blouse this will give you seamless way to approach style. If you carry it with midi skirts or tille skirts.

While I am going to show you a pencil skirt & Blouse size- small. Colour(top)-silver. Colour (skirt)-black

(3)Crop top- looking you best has never been easier than with a matching set but If you are looking for crop top let me tell you their is no one is competitor with it . It is best option either you use in winter or summer. This can work well in nude shades or it can be black white.

You can combine it with pencil skirt, boxy White tee skirt and floral print skirts. -The choice is yours . Complete the outfit with a pair of stiletto or boots.

While I am going to show you a beautiful printed skirt with a off shoulder crop top. Size- Small. Colour (skirt)- White. Colour (top)- black

(4) T – shirt– This casual & ensemble is the best option for a day at coffee with friends. When choosing colour of T- shirt make sure it will neutral or it can be black,white. If you combine jacket or denim it will give you awesome look .Same you can do with skirt but remember don’t match with shade of skirt.You can try pattern like leopard. I will advise to use midi skirt or a line skirt.

It is comfortable and timeless option for the day where you want to look super stylish. Whenever you choose to pair them with ruffles, ballet.

While I am going to show you a midi skirt & t-shirt. Size -Medium Colour (skirt) – pink. Colour ( top) – black &white

(4)off- shoulder- when it starts to get midsummer outside off shoulder works well in any event. You can also try it in any occasion. Choose the colour that complement the season. Maxi can give comfortable that you want in summer.

Use light colours for skirt in. summer- white, nude colour,baby pink, yellow etc.Finish this look with a pair of pumps.

While I am going to show you a beautiful maxi skirt & off shoulder top. Size-medium. Colour (skirt) – neutral. Colour (top) – white

Thank you….

That’s all…. If like it give 👍 like and comment and stay connected with me for more updates….

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